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Apart from having compact light-weight design, Goluk allows you to instantly share whatever you’ve captured on your way to your office or a weekend adventure to your favourite social media platforms.
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Goluk T-Series features

Magic key technology

Parking security mode

Quick video sharing

Wi-Fi connection

360 body rotation

Share to social media

Live streaming

Portable smart charge (optional)

A smart way of connecting to your phone.

Goluk Dashcams connects to your iPhone or Android phone via its own Wi-Fi so you view videos without using cellphone data. Goluk has the largest user generated video content community in the car field.

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Tons of features make this the No.01 selling product in 2017.

Once T3 detects that the car has been stationary for 5 minutes, looping video will be turned off, and motion detection will be activated. If T3 detects that motion or detection, it will record and lock a 16-second long video (8 seconds before and after the video recording was triggered).
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